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Direct To Consumer Title Insurance

Southern Trust and Title Company will prepare all documents required for the transaction along with providing all necessary title insurance services and meeting all Florida title insurance standards. We keep you from being overwhelmed by the countless details of selling and buying your own property, because we put all the pieces together for you.

We are Meeting The Title Insurance Needs of Consumers who are Buying, Selling or Refinancing.

Lender - Private Investor Closing Services

As a lender or private investor you want to be sure your investment is secure. Southern Trust and Title Company will put your concerns at ease by meeting all your servicing needs. Our team of title insurance experts is focused on providing the highest level of customer service, escrow and professional closing services; because we fully understand that nobody gets paid until the loan closes. We offer a full service for both purchase and refinance transactions with a quick turnaround time for all commitments. We provide ambitious clearance of title related issues to include satisfactions, payoff, survey, municipal lien searches, estoppel letters, condo/co-op questionnaires, and homeowner’s association letters.  Our closing expert will provide you with a HUD 1, for your review prior to closing so adjustments can be made creating a professional and smooth presentation for your clients.

It’s our goal to create long-term relationships based on added-value service and our ability to provide products for all you and your clients’ title needs.

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Realtor Title Services

Southern Trust and Title Company meets the Closing Service Needs of Realtors. You see, Southern Trust and Title Company wants to build on the relationship we’ve already established with residential and commercial realtors across Miami-Dade,  Broward and Monroe County, because we know that when we’re doing our job, the positive experiences you have with us will inspire you to come back time and again. Southern Trust and Title Company makes sure you and your clients experience is a hassle-free real estate closing. We take great pride in providing superior title, escrow and professional closing services to real estate professionals at outstanding Florida title insurance rates for your customers. We understand It’s all about the relationship.

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Short Sale Assistance

Southern Trust and Title Company is currently helping Realtors & Homeowners get their short sale approved faster than the industry average times, because we understand the process and know how to mitigate issues as they arise.  Over the years, we have learned exactly what the banks are looking for, this means getting an approval becomes much quicker and eliminates any and all going back and forth which can take months. This intellectual knowledge as proven time and time again to be exactly what is needed to successfully close short sale transactions.

As part of our assistance program, we will...

  • Perform all preliminary searches on the property for you so that when the HUD is submitted it is accurate and not based on assumptions.
  • Assist in collecting any and all documents needed to complete the short sale
  • Review all documents prior to submission making sure we are meeting the banks needs with current documentation
  • Handle all follow up(in some cases utilizing our own contacts at the banks), making sure that we maintain our position in line for review and provide answers to bank concerns in less than 24 hours

Remember:  We work directly with Realtors and Homeowners.

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For More Information, Call Us Today! 305-412-7360

Southern Trust and Title Company is a well known and trusted Florida title company. We take pride in providing excellent service in our line of expertise. We handle every case as if it was our own. Specializing in providing Florida real estate closings, title insurance as well as title searches and escrow services. Give us a call today!

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